Springtime Fresh Improvisation

As we all know, I work from my home office and I love it.

What’s not so great is that the bathroom outside my office is the main can used by the kids, and they are responsible for cleaning and stocking it. Needless to say, sometimes it just doesn’t happen, and I’m waiting for the Skankville Texaco to call and tell me they want their bathroom back.

That’s not the worst of it.

So I go to use the bathroom and I’m chagrined to find that there’s no toilet paper (I noticed this too late, of course). Great…now what?

Oh, I know, Kleenex! Um, there’s no box in here, either. What is this, a 3rd world country? This just keeps getting better and better.

Ok, let’s look in the trash can. Candy wrappers…nope! Soda can…no wonder I’ve seen ants down here. Tissue that someone’s already blown his nose on…last resort, we’ll set it aside.

And then, like a beacon of hope, I spied my savior in the bottom of the trash can – a used dryer sheet. This is no way to start a day, I’m telling ya.


bosslady said...

I've gotten so desperate before as to have used the cardboard from the toilet tissue. It's actually quite absorbent as it turns out.

Kevin said...

TMI, people!!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

After all that time, I would have figured you would have drip dried by then :-). I'm with the bosslady, I've used the cardboard too.


Addie said...

Boss & Jen, that's the big mystery...the tube was gone too! The whole time I'm thinking...I'm blogging about this. :-)

Kevin, one man's TMI is another gal's suburban survival tip. Stay tuned for the pilot episode of SurvivorGal, which will be filmed in that bathroom due to the stark and challenging conditions.

Stephen said...

I'm going to throw it out and make it a two-man TMI. BTW survivalist pack a roll! Worst case scenario, coming home with one sock is always an option.

Zan said...

Too bad everyone can't live by the "if you use the last one, or the last square in this case, get out a replacement." Works for soap in the shower too. No one at my house seems to remember this rule either.

Addie said...

Stephen, I should have known you'd side with Kevin - Men! :-) I actually knew this was probably TMI, but I posted it anyway. My url does say "addieuncensored", so I went with it.

Zan, I think if everyone followed that rule, the world would be a much better place. My world would be, anyway!